Nikki Glaser, Tig Notaro and Thomas Lennon will return tonight for another episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune on ABC at 9pm ET. Notaro and Lennon are two well-known comedians, so viewers are especially eager to see them back.

This version of the show marks its debut with a studio audience and production changes are also notable: theme song changes slightly while bonus round music becomes more upbeat; an announcer now hosts instead of Mike Richards; opening animation changes; bonus round graphics have changed and now feature a gold $5,000 wedge; finally, any references to home giveaways have been removed although they still come up at the end of every game.

This episode’s two games feature $100,000 wins; this marks only the second time any celebrity has earned such an amount on this version of the show. Jim announces the total as it appears graphically onscreen; for another win of this size in the other game involving celebrity players in which drinks are served at tables located near “Pat’s Lounge,” wherein an amount equal to $10,000 was won – both wins being announced via graphic onscreen by Jim.

After winning Round 1, Brendan moved from red podium to yellow one to be closer to Pat. This marks a first (and likely last) time a contestant has moved between podiums midgame. Additionally, Round 2 Bonus Round contained five rows – making it one of the longest Bonus Rounds ever.

Notaro, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, began her comedy writing and acting career during the 1990s and has performed stand-up since that time; her first comedy special can be found on Netflix today. Additionally, Notaro is often seen making guest appearances on programs such as Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and Sarah Silverman Program.

Notaro has also earned accolades as both a television writer and producer, writing for shows such as The Daily Show, This American Life and New Girl as well as working on several films that earned her an Emmy nomination. She’s written for The Onion as well as making guest appearances on various talk shows; voiceover work was also done for various shows. Tig is also an accomplished singer-songwriter having released three albums; currently working on her fourth. In her free time she enjoys yoga as well as spending time with her children; one daughter named Olivia currently attends Columbia University!