Hawaii real estate buyers know the first rule of real estate is “location, location.” This sentiment couldn’t ring truer when considering Hawaii real estate options – from its lush greenery and blue waters to world-class restaurants and resorts – offering homebuyers plenty to love but finding their ideal property at an appropriate price range can be challenging. When considering your housing search in Hawaii it will be important to factor in its high cost of living when making housing decisions.

As is true for other states, Hawaii maintains its own unique land ownership system. While many other states have delegated record keeping responsibilities to local government agencies, Hawaii still keeps one central registry for real estate transactions – this may delay the process as some sellers may take longer responding to inquiries about transactions.

Though Hawaii’s unique recording system may provide many advantages, it also makes comparing properties difficult due to no standardized way of documenting real estate information across its islands. Furthermore, disputes arising from native Hawaiian rights to land continue to arise and could have an adverse impact on real estate transactions.

As such, potential homebuyers in Hawaii should seek advice from a licensed real estate professional before purchasing property there. Doing so will allow them to avoid costly mistakes while helping navigate through the complex buying process more easily.

When it comes to Hawaii real estate licensing exams, enrolling in an extensive online real estate course is your best bet for success. Choose a reputable school with flexible class schedules, multiple learning formats and instructor and student support; once completed with coursework registration for state-approved real estate salesperson exams is easy with eHawaii website.

Once you’ve passed your state-approved real estate Salesperson exam, it’s time to embark on your career as a Realtor in Hawaii! Your sponsoring broker in the state must approve of you before your license becomes active – we advise doing this as soon as possible!

Once your sponsorship relationship has been established, you can submit a license application through either eHawaii website or hand delivering it directly to the REB. Your initial license will last two years; when its term ends you can renew it online through eHawaii portal.