how to discontinue internet payment

No matter the reason for it, eventually canceling service can become necessary – whether that means moving, finding better internet options nearby, or simply no longer wanting it! Unfortunately, early termination fees and lengthy phone conversations with customer retention departments can make this an uncomfortable process, but here are a few steps you can take to ease it as much as possible.

Before canceling, first make sure it is necessary. If you are moving, there is a good chance your old provider will waive early termination fees as long as you can provide proof that service won’t continue in your new location. Alternatively, attempt to negotiate better deal from retention rep in regards to higher prices or slower speeds that caused cancellation.

Remember to return any equipment that you rented from the company. This includes modems, routers and any “gateway” devices that combine them both. Failing to do this could cost hundreds of dollars in fees; alternatively you could just pack up and drop it at your nearest UPS or FedEx outlet.

If you decide to contact and speak with a representative, remember to be polite yet firm. They may attempt to woo you back with offers of new packages or free perks such as modems or routers; if this persists, use an excuse such as: “I am moving out of your coverage area.” This will keep the conversation civil while providing a clean break – don’t get seduced by tempting offers, they might not be worth your while in the end and may cost too much in hassle in return for what might come later: it will only make things better in return for all involved – everyone wins in return!