what is the best action game

Video games provide entertainment systems that allow players to control a character’s movements and physical reactions within a level. From side-scrolling platform games where you guide your hero around to collect items or action shooters where players shoot enemies from their perspective, movement challenges combined with adrenaline rush attacks make an action game. 2018’s best action games featured some of the most captivating and challenging gameplay to date!

Some may argue that Ape Out’s top down view of an angry silverback gorilla throttling guards to death doesn’t meet their definition of pure action gaming, but those people would need to be blinded by love of genre to miss out on such an unforgettable experience. Ape Out marries combat, climbing, and puzzle solving into one seamless package so good that even Hollywood could have taken inspiration from it for their 2018 Tomb Raider movie adaptation!

Max Payne may look outdated now, but its hallucinatory leaping and bullet spraying remain highly addictive to master. This sequel to the iconic 1996 game set a new standard in cinematic action that many other games have attempted to emulate but never managed to surpass.

FromSoftware’s gothic Bloodborne is an incredible action game that depends heavily on player skill to succeed, necessitating delicate balancing between full-throated assaults and carefully timed retreats. With an uncompromising world full of unnerving horror and devastating weaponry to explore, Bloodborne stands as an unsurpassable classic action title. It remains one of the longest running franchises ever created!

Spec Ops: The Line Action games are all about taking risks, and Spec Ops: The Line is no exception. This stealth-heavy third-person shooter challenges players to stay out of detection while taking down waves of enemies while collecting intelligence data – not to mention impressing with its impressive graphics and thrilling action, not forgetting its engaging story that brings your mission alive!

Remnant 2 goes beyond this by combining various guns and armor options with expansive skills trees to allow players to customize their playstyle, as well as facing off against challenging enemies across multiple multiversal worlds.

2022 has seen some of the most beloved action games deliver the thrills and spills fans crave, whether that means returning to Spencer Mansion or saving humanity from an Nordic apocalypse – these blockbuster titles have kept players engaged through explosive action and compelling storylines.