No matter if you’re trying to upcycle an old malm dressing table or adding one into a new home, this article will show how easy it is to assemble one of these dressers and customize its styling so it becomes truly your own piece. Plus, learn how to style it for maximum glamourous bedroom space.

1. Make Use of Drawer Dividers to Organize Your Makeup Collection. The MALM Dressing Table’s large central drawer provides ample room to store various makeup products and tools, but for optimal efficiency add acrylic makeup organizers or storage boxes in each compartment to further ensure products don’t become tangled up or misplaced over time. Labelling these containers or dividers will further assist with tracking specific items quickly as well as maintaining an efficient organization system over time.

2. Utilize the side shelves as additional storage.

The two side shelves on the MALM Dressing Table offer plenty of extra space for displaying decorative boxes or baskets containing hair accessories, styling tools or backup makeup products and brushes. You could even utilize them as an area to display frequently-used skincare items like foundations or primers.

3. Personalize Your MALM Dressing Table By Adding Door or Drawer Pulls Just by adding door or drawer pulls can completely change the appearance of your MALM dressing table – whether its sleek metal handles or vintage brass handles that make your MALM stand out! With such an easy DIY project in place, your MALM will soon stand out from its peers!