Building your own gaming PC may seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. With a bit of research, you can craft an affordable gaming machine that meets both your needs and budget perfectly. Step one is determining what performance you expect out of the computer and which components can support that goal; after that comes budget and system requirements. Once these are clear, parts shopping should commence.

Find the best PC parts deals online or refurbished gaming rigs; to save even more, read reviews and compare prices before making your purchase so you don’t overspend on components.

Before beginning building, ensure you have set aside an area that can be cleared of debris to allow the process. No need for temperature-controlled environments or walls covered in plastic sheeting – simply somewhere that can be freed of items that could come into contact with more sensitive parts of your computer. A great idea would be laying down an antistatic mat as this will help avoid electrostatic discharge causing damage to these components.

Your gaming computer requires a power supply capable of providing enough energy for all the components, including GPU. If unsure, please consult the motherboard user manual as this may also contain that information. A subpar power supply unit could potentially compromise your entire system; so choose wisely!

Storage devices should also be an essential element of your gaming computer, including at least an SSD and hard drive to store game and media files. An SSD will help reduce boot and load times while an HDD provides plenty of room.

Finally, you’ll require a mouse, keyboard and headset – as well as a monitor capable of displaying the graphics you desire – along with a monitor capable of providing high-resolution visuals. For optimal visuals, invest in a high-end graphics card as well as additional RAM.

Gaming PC builds can be complicated affairs, but with our guide for building the ideal PC build, creating a powerful yet affordable gaming machine is easy and will let you dive back into multiplayer gaming and climb those leaderboards faster!