Technology makes signing up for subscription services like video streaming and beauty boxes easy; but keeping track of what you sign up for can be daunting, let alone canceling them if no longer necessary. Luckily, canceling subscriptions on iphone can be done simply.

Start by making sure you are signed in on the appropriate device with the correct Apple ID, to access all active and expired subscriptions through the App Store. To find them quickly and efficiently, open up the store and click your profile icon in the upper-right corner. From here, you can easily manage or upgrade/downgrade plans as necessary if continuing use.

If you want to cancel a subscription, simply tap its icon and choose the Cancel Subscription option near the bottom of the screen. This will save money and ensure that you won’t accidentally continue paying for services you no longer require; even if canceling mid-billing cycle will allow access until its conclusion.

However, if you cancel before your free trial ends or have already been charged for the service, in order to receive a refund. NerdWallet provides an excellent guide that outlines what refund you can expect; however this process varies according to each company and their policies.

Another thing to keep in mind when canceling subscriptions via Apple’s App Store is that this may not cancel them on other devices associated with your Apple account. Some services don’t utilize Apple’s subscription management platform and will require you to visit their website or call customer service directly in order to cancel memberships; therefore, using Chronicle can help organize all of your financial commitments more efficiently while giving reminders for upcoming bills and payments.

Though not perfect, the Apple Subscription Manager provides an effective means of keeping track of and cancelling subscriptions you don’t wish to continue paying for. While extra steps might be needed to find and cancel services that don’t bill through Apple, doing so could save time in the long run. For more on managing finances and saving money with Apple devices, iMore’s guide on personal finance offers invaluable advice from its team of experts – this could save countless hours!