how to play fortune tiger game

Fortune Tiger is an online slot casino-style slot that combines elements of luck and strategy. Utilizing beautiful tiger-themed tiles numbered 1-6 and featuring beautiful tiger imagery, players seek to predict which symbols will be drawn using their insights in order to earn rewards. In addition to base payouts, bonus rounds exist that can boost winnings even further; these rounds can be activated during any spin by landing three wild symbols within any row or column.

The gameplay in PG Soft’s slot machines is straightforward and user-friendly. At its center is a 3-x-3 grid featuring buttons for setting bet size adjustments and starting rounds, as well as a green button that launches rounds. Once you select your bet amount, a round will shuffle before showing its results – or alternatively you can play for free in demo mode provided by PG Soft!

Downloading the Fortune Tiger app for Android or iOS devices allows you to step into an unforgettable world. Available free-of-charge, this user-friendly interface makes navigating its many features effortless – perfect for anyone on-the-go looking to experience Oriental magic!

Before beginning playing, be sure to familiarize yourself with both the game’s rules and payout odds. Payout odds can be found in its paytable; therefore it is crucial that you understand how much can be won for every bet placed. Using this knowledge, make smarter decisions on your bet amounts for every spin while alternating different bet sizes to increase chances of success.

Fortune Tiger offers another advantage – it is a medium volatile game, meaning your wins won’t be too high or low, which makes it an excellent option for beginners who don’t wish to invest all of their money into one bet. Furthermore, additional prizes may be earned by completing bonus rounds and collecting free spins.

When ready to play for real money online casino gambling, be sure to select an establishment which accepts your desired payment method and read reviews to select an operator which provides secure and fast transactions. Also keep an eye out for untrustworthy websites which might try to steal your information.

Once you have selected a reliable online gambling site, deposit funds into your account. When ready, click on the Fortune Tiger icon to begin spinning the reels; when winning prizes are confirmed click ‘collect’ button for collection of winnings; in some instances customer support may need to verify your identity prior to receiving winnings but this process usually happens automatically online casinos will do this quickly and effortlessly; otherwise you can contact customer service to have this process verified manually (this may take up to several days).