who is jason virginia lottery game guy


The Virginia Lottery’s Game Guy character – representing its message that anyone can win big – was first introduced during a casting call conducted in 2011. As part of Big River Advertising’s response, actor Jason Kypros was chosen as its new face of their “We’re Game” campaign that launched mid-2012; its tagline reads, “Virginians will find ways to turn any situation into an opportunity”.

the Lottery released over 200 videos featuring Game Guy engaging in various activities like sandcastle competition, mud run, surfing extravaganza and New Year’s Day Polar Plunge during its inaugural year of campaigning. Now in its third year, this campaign continues to draw in new players with its playful spirit.

Game Guy appears at an airport and offers to give a passenger his ticket for winning Mega Millions numbers. When asked by him whether they would like to participate, the passenger nodded yes before asking Game Guy his phone number so he can text him the winning numbers; Game Guy responded that he will text them back while also telling the passenger to wait five minutes as “I won’t tell him twice!” The man responded with: “Thanks, that wasn’t necessary!”

An exciting surprise awaited one Virginia man this month when he went to redeem what he believed to be worth $600 prize and learned it was actually worth much more. According to Woodbridge Lottery customer service center officials, Jose Flores Velasquez had won $1 Million while playing 20X the Money scratch-off game!

He chose to accept his winnings in one lump sum after taxes of $759,878 after choosing one lump sum payment of the total prize of $758,788 after taxes as planned by choosing to receive his cash prize in one payment rather than in installments over time. He plans on using it to support his family and launch his own business with it. It was the second time one of Newport News’ men had won such top prize since 2000; another man from Hampton bought another winning ticket; others have come from Hampton, Suffolk Poquoson Yorktown Lynchburg Manassas etc.