what is the new lotto game

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) is unveiling an exciting new lottery called LOTTO that could change one winner’s life forever. Only available within Arkansas, tickets for this state-wide game begin going on sale Sept 18 with a starting jackpot of $250,000 and drawings scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday evening starting Sept 18 at 9 p.m. Each play costs $2 and players must pick six numbers between 1-40; Bonus Numbers increase non-jackpot prizes when three, four, or five main numbers match, creating another millionaire each year while helping fund scholarships – ASL Executive Director Eric Hagler stated this statement about helping create another millionaire from state, helping fund scholarship funds while supporting scholarships that benefit both.

Government-run lottery operations began in 1966 after residents approved a constitutional amendment creating games and an oversight commission to administer them. Over its 50+ year history, this lottery has raised over $51 billion for educational initiatives within California alone.

Tickets sales for the game operate under a pari-mutuel model, where prize money is determined by ticket sales and number of winning tickets sold. The minimum jackpot starts at $200,000 and increases by $100,000 with each drawing; additionally, this lotto game gives participants the chance to win an annuity tax-free prize worth $250,000 per month for 30 years!

Whoever wishes to purchase tickets can do so through several means, including authorized retailers throughout their state and using the Jackpocket lottery app (a licensed third-party service that makes purchasing official state tickets easy and secure), which currently covers Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota Montana New Hampshire Oregon Texas Washington as well as expanding into additional markets soon.