Many states face the difficulty of overcoming tribal casinos’ opposition to legalized internet gambling as they fear it could imperil their land-based casino gaming monopoly in those states. Furthermore, several of these states continue to fight Sheldon Adelson’s attempts at banning it, further impeding their progress.

Other states like Alabama and Georgia take a much stricter stance towards gambling, making legalization of poker unlikely in either. Florida also doesn’t regulate online poker sites as lawmakers quickly prosecute sweepstakes cafes that break the law.

Some states have made progress over time in getting around this obstacle; Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware now all operate legal poker rooms under state licenses. Others continue their fight with the federal government in court while hoping that a new interpretation of the Wire Act gives them authority to legalize and regulate online poker.

Following Black Friday, several states took steps towards legalizing online poker; however, many more states have yet to do so as remaining holdout states try to establish their regulatory systems for regulated games in their regions.

After several years had passed, some larger states made attempts to legalize online poker and other forms of Internet gambling; however, their efforts stalled because the Federal Government lacked an interest in allowing states to regulate their own gaming industries.

Though online gambling was once seen with disdain by many states, many states are now moving toward legalization of its many forms despite longstanding reservations or denial by federal governments. State-sanctioned online gambling seems to be gradually growing as more people realize there’s no need to gamble at offshore sites to enjoy all the thrills and spills of poker.

Early days of online poker were marked by explosive growth and enormous profits, but their glory days would soon end with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which targeted its funding sources. While UIGEA didn’t block websites completely from accepting deposits and withdrawals, this legislation caused several major companies to go under while players struggled to locate places to play poker online.

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