Michigan Lottery is one of the nation’s premier lottery operatorss and provides its players with a wide variety of games. These include in-house draw games such as Club Keno and Pull Tabs as well as multijurisdictional ones like Powerball and Mega Millions. Furthermore, 95% of its ticket sales go back into Michigan in terms of player prizes or public good programs such as School Aid Fund.

For lottery gaming, one must be 18 or over. Lottery tickets can be obtained at licensed lottery retailers or purchased from online lottery websites as scratch-off games or instant numbers instant games; additionally the Michigan Lottery provides mobile apps which enable users to check results and purchase tickets anytime throughout the state.

On New Year’s Day, a lottery player from Port Huron won $1.3 Million while participating in an online lottery game. She plans on using her prize to pay off bills and save for a house. Although she did not anticipate winning the jackpot, she was reminded to check her ticket after receiving a text message with winning numbers from one of her friends.

Michigan is the fifth highest winning state for Powerball jackpots exceeding $300 million, boasting two winning jackpots of this size – both won by individuals using lump sum option to secure winnings in excess of $237 million; then another by Wolverine FLL Club who purchased their ticket from Kroger grocery store in Novi.

Michigan Lottery players can select from a wide range of lottery games, such as ezMatch, Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5. ezMatch replaced Rolldown as the main draw game in 2004 and is available at any Lottery Retailer with a minimum jackpot of $1 Million and draws twice weekly. Lotto 47 launched in May 2005 as part of Multi-State Lottery Association offering Double Play add-on that multiplies non-jackpot prizes two, three four or five times for an additional cost of $1 per play. Fantasy 5 allows players to choose six out of 47 available numbers, offering maximum jackpot of $1 Million at each play-through of its draw game; plus it comes complete with minimum jackpot of $1 Million plus twice weekly draws!

Powerball, established in 1992 and currently played across 44 states and DC as well as USVIs since then, offers a minimum jackpot of $15 Million with tickets costing $2 each. Megaplier increases odds by giving more chances to match one or more winning numbers on each ticket sold – an add-on feature to enhance chances of success!

Michigan Lottery website lists current top prizes and provides links to results pages of each drawing, along with information on how and when claiming prizes; tax rates applicable within the state can also be found there. In order to claim any prize from Michigan Lottery, an individual must present both their winning ticket and claim form with copies of ID as proof, plus be 18 years or older when collecting an jackpot prize that exceeds $5,000.